Nov.20th - 23rd, 2020 New Chitose Airport Terminal,Hokkaido JAPAN

Empress of Darkness


The Story of True Good vs True Evil, An Empress Slayed and a world forever cursed to Darkness. Follow our hero Alpha as he is chased and ruthlessly hunted down by Graxus's Evil Horde who will stop at nothing until his existence is stomped out from this world. Leaving a trail of blood at every turn there is nowhere to run and nowhere to hide in this Gut Wrenching, Blood Drenched, fantasy Adventure!


Nick DiLiberto

Born in Canada, Nick DiLiberto always had a passion for drawing and film-making. Graduating with Honors from Canada's #1Top Acclaimed Animation School, he began his career in the video game industry. After working his way up to "Lead Animator" he moved to Japan where he worked as "Animation Director." Now located in Fukuoka/Japan he has Opened his own Independent Animation Studio "Gorgon Pictures Inc." Nick DiLiberto has produced and Directed two fully Hand-Drawn Animated Feature films set in the Sci-fi and Fantasy genres. His First Feature Film Nova Seed had an impressive film festival run, winning multiple awards and leaving audiences wanting more from the beautiful world it envisioned. Both The "Empress of Darkness" and "Nova Seed" have been fully 2Dhand animated with no Computer animation used.


Director:Nick DiLiberto
2020 / Japan / 1:07:00

New Chitose Airport International Animation Festival

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